Star Wars : In the Shadows

Based on the Star Wars universe created by George Lucas

Written by Dany Pépin

Produced & Directed by Dany Pépin

Music by John William

Sound design by Ben Burtt

Born and raised in a military family, Emma Wermis will slowly discover that the Empire is not what she always been taught it was. Her allegiance to the Empire will be tested and she will, during her adventures, uncover something about her family and a secret weapon kept hidden even within the Empire.

Download Trailer TRAILER  3m57s

Download Episode Episode 1: Criminal Entanglements  40m43s

Download Episode Episode 2: Against all Odds  33m06s

Download Episode Episode 3: Amidst the Enemy 44m23s

Download Episode Episode 4: Revelations  43m58s

Download Episode Episode 5: Falleen Dealings  39m04s

Download Episode Episode 6: Echoes from the Past 79m27s and Bonus : bloopers and outtakes


Tina Huang
Emma Wermis

Shawn Crosby
Zander Voros, Darth Vader, Commander Sheamus,  Stormtrooper 1

Ara Pelodi
Jayna Voros, Bria

Hazen Nester
Jedi Sakata Dahl, Mulchive’s Executive Officer, Stormtrooper 3, Sabacc player, Sabacc dealer 1

Jim Perry
Prince Xizor, Emperor Palpatine, Ghost Six

Joe Harrisson
Major Qarek, Black Sun agent Nimrag

Steve Saylor
Lieutenant Torrez

Jen Rhodes
Black Sun Assassin Guri

Gan Xingba
Lieutenant Korrh, Ghost Leader, Scout trooper 1

Rich Sigfrit
Captain Mulchive Wermis, Captain Wilhelm

Christopher Stadther
Anakin Skywalker (flashback), Ghost Four, Scout trooper 2

Silas Carder
Mon Mothma, the Padawan, Ghost Five, Sierra Hessu

Andrew Gilbertson
Lieutenant Galvan, Black Sun agent Gev, Brawl&Grill drunk, the Spaceport security agent, Ghost 3

Nathan P.Butler
Rebel fugitive, the Imperial Officer Ord mantel, Sabacc dealer 2.

Jimmy Mac
Stormtrooper 4

Kevin Traynor
Star Destroyer Intrepid Officer, the Death Star communication Officer, the Coruscant traffic control,

Chistopher Walker
Ghost Two

Steve Fluharty
Jedi Master

Simon Meddings
Imperial Interrogation Officer, Death Star Commander

David Ault
Imperial officer 2, Vidal Wermis

Arnie Carvalho
Rebel prisonner

Paul Lavelle
Stormtrooper 2


Dany Pépin
Writer, Casting, Directing, Mixing, Music Supervision, Supplemental Sound Sesign, Graphic Design

Jen Rhodes
Script Editing


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Star Wars : In the Shadows is a non-profit fan-production. All rights to Star Wars and any other copyrighted material are reserved to their original creators.

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