Omega Squad : Targets

Based on the Star Wars universe created by George Lucas

Written by Karen Traviss

Adaptation by Dany Pépin

Produced & Directed by Dany Pépin

Music by John William, Jesse Harlin and Mark Griskey

Sound design by Ben Burtt

TRAILER  1m54s

Download Episode  Click this icon to download the file.


Download Episode  Click this icon to download the file.

Created after Jango Fett’s request, Clone Commandos were produced by the Cloners of Kamino and trained by Mandalorian mercenaries to carry out a variety of self contained high profiles missions. After the Battle of Geonosis, some of those Elite quartet were shattered and surviving members were reformed into new squads. Republic Commandos, Niner, Fi, Darman and Atin were regrouped as Omega Squad.

The Clone War still rages and a month after their first operation as a unit to sabotage a Qiiluran research facility designing a clone-killing nano-virus, Omega Squad are stationed at Arca company barracks on Coruscant, where they are called upon to defuse a terrorist seige at a local spaceport.


Shawn Crosby
Captain Ordo, Kal Skirata, Narrator
Omega Squad (Darman, Fi, Atin, Niner)

Andrew Gilbertson
Commander Obrim, Nuriin-Ar

Joe Harrison
Lieutenant Dovel, Tan Terrorist, CSF Pilot, CSF Officer

Nathan P. Butler
Mar Rugeyan, N’zaet Nir, Green Terrorist, CSF Explosives Officer

Steve Fluharty
Jedi Master Kaim

Ara Pelodi
HoloNet Announcer, Reporter
Automated Voice, Cira Larutur

Scott Wentworth
Senator Meena Till


Dany Pépin
Story Adaptation, Casting, Directing, Mixing, Music Supervision
Supplemental Sound Design

The story of Omega Squad : Targets is available now in the Star Wars Insider #81 and in the novel Republic Commando : Triple Zero

Omega Squad : Targets is a non-profit fan-production. All rights to Star Wars and any other copyrighted material are reserved to their original creators.


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