SWITS Episode 6 : Echoes from the Past

THIS IS IT! The last and climactic episode of Star Wars : In the Shadows is available! This finale includes a 22 minutes bonus of bloopers and outtakes from the production. Enjoy.

After meeting Xizor aboard his skyhook the Falleen Fist, our heroes made a deal with the prince; The Jedi in exchange for their freedom. Unfortunately for Xizor, he underestimated the young crew and fell for their well-crafted ploy. Aboard the Providence, Emma and her friends have reached the Tapani Sector, where they finally pinpoint the location of the secret Imperial base and request the help of the Rebel Alliance. Yet they are unaware that Guri has followed them and that Darth Vader is not far behind.

I would like to thank all the volunteer cast members for their talent and time, all the partners for their help in promoting the drama and anyone who help promote SWITS by word to mouth and via social networks. This audio drama was my first adventure in storytelling and without your support it would not have been possible. I hope you enjoyed the story and the production. If you did, send me feedback and continue to spread the good word.

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